2568 West Park Drive Murfreesboro TN Auctions EXIT Realty Greg Goff Auctioneer

Never been to an auction? Then here is your opportunity to join us at 2568 West Park Drive in Murfreesboro, TN. We will be there at 10 a.m. on Saturday February 4th to offer a beautiful home to the highest bidder. Opening announcements will start directly at 10 a.m. with the bidding to follow. Auctions are a great way to sell property with specialized and targeted advertising and competitive bidding. The process also benefits the seller, because the sale of the home is not contingent on financing, appraisal or inspections. Imagine selling your home through a traditional transaction. The buyer usually goes and finanlizes their finances after he/she finds a home, then the finance company sends out an appraiser and to top it off, the home must pass a home inspection satisfactory to the buyer. If the buyer finds something they don't like, (even though it may be minor issues) they can terminate the contract and have their earnest money refunded.

Now take a look at the auction process: First... instead of earnest money, auctions require a larger non-refundable down payment, usually $5,000 or more. Second... Sale of home is not contingent on financing, appraisal or inspection. That means when the winning bidder is announced, that person has 30 days to complete the transaction and the home is selling as is. If the buyer cannot close within the specified time frame, down payment is forfeited and retained as damages.

Now you decide... which would you prefer if you were selling a home?

Greg Goff, Auctioneer

Posted By - Greg Goff - 2 days ago

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